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Our Vision

We want to capture that strong, sentimental feeling we get when we hold
a hot bag of popcorn and get a whiff of that buttery-goodness:

Maybe for you, it’s Friday nights with friends at the movie theater after a long week of school.
Maybe it’s walking around a carnival, where there’s so much to do, so much to see, and so much to eat.
Maybe it’s summertime poolside parties, or your first time at a circus.

Perhaps it’s something as simple as bonding over a bowl of popcorn with the family while watching tv.

For those of us at FunTime Popcorn, it’s strolling through the LA County Fair with our kids,
last minute concerts at the Hollywood Bowl, summers spent along the Venice Beach boardwalk,
watching every single Dodgers game, and Cinespia’s outdoor movies and picnics with friends.

We’re all about creating special memories and celebrating everyday moments.